gratitude-a-thon day 1071: best answer wins!


I am once again obsessed with the news, a little bit afraid if I miss something I might not be prepared for a nuclear attack (dye hair, stock up on mascara), or the next civil war (buy markers, poster board and lip gloss–no reason not to look your best while fighting white supremacists and Nazis).

It’s a dismal state of affairs.

I must pull from history to see light. People have lived through times like these in the past. I am grateful for their fortitude and pain in a way I wasn’t able to connect with before. I understand it better now. But what I want to understand is the mind of the other side. Is that just an impossibility, that someone with my ethics, morals and politics would ever be able to understand someone like a white supremacist, a Nazi, Trump?

I told my family I wanted to go to the Free Speech rally in Boston on Saturday. They were aghast that I would put myself in such a dangerous situation. But if not me, who? And if not now, WHEN? And if none of us are willing to stand up to this moment in time, what kind of moments in time will be left?

I could just emerge myself in work, turn a blind eye to what’s happening, watch movies, dog, goats, baby, things that are knitted that shouldn’t be knitted videos. But who would I be if I did that? What would I be? And what would we become?

Tell me what you’re doing? Give me your secrets to getting through such uncertainty and insanity. More than gratitude to those who answer. In fact, my favorite answer gets a prize, for real! I will mail it or bring it to you (proximity permitting). Go!


gratitude-a-thon day 1037: the resistance


Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.23.04 AM

Dear Sentate, PLEASE SAVE US. Dear resisters: KEEP RESISTING.

Sweet Jesus, I am hoping the senate can save us from this new acceptable way of being that Trump has popularized, which began during his campaign, when it became clear he was essentially against every group that wasn’t white and male. This was bad enough, to know we had a candidate that lacked character to such a degree that it seemed he might not even be a real person, but a programmed robot created to star in some stereotypical bad boy movie (after all, what human would choose to wear his hair that way). But it continued when his supporters pushed his grotesque behavior and bigotry aside and voted for him to become president. An essential respect for one another was destroyed at that moment. Basic decent humanity was put out to pasture in the middle of a corn field in a remote part of Iowa. Compassion is keeping it company.

Yesterday’s House vote to repeal the ACA is disgusting and outrageous. But most of all, and what really makes me sick (not sure if that’s covered) is that it feels utterly inhuman. It seems we are in a time where our republican politicians just don’t care about people. JUST. DON’T. CARE.

The list of pre-existing conditions that are excluded include things like a c-section. So imagine–your baby is in distress, and you don’t have the money to pay for a c-section to save his life–that’s a good, solid plan, I think.

I am done with anyone who has voted for Trump. Don’t even. Yup, it’s personal now.

I am so grateful to the millions who belong to the resistance. I know you’re tired, but you are keeping me going these days, and so many others.


gratitude-a-thon day 1020: Get out, no really GET OUT


I have been trying to keep my mind off of politics.

But it’s so hard when there is slashing and burning of things that matter.

Is it possible that Trump is not an actual human being?

Anywho, last night’s political distraction was the movie Get OutAnd seriously, you should get out and see it. Talk about a political statement. I’m not going to give away any of the plot points, because 1) I always give away too much. 2) I always give away too much, but this is a movie that will create discussion at the dinner table. Like even if you’re eating alone–that’s how provocative it is.

It’s Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele’s directorial debut. Dude wrote it, too. In case you just thought he was a sidekick, or riding on Keegan Michael Key’s coattails, you will change your mind mighty quick once you see this movie and really ponder it’s depth.

Also, as if I didn’t think the big cushy barca-lounger chairs at the Super Lux and the full menu of food and drink brought to your seat weren’t decadent enough, BREAKING NEWS: they’re now offering free blankets. FREE. COZY. BLANKETS. If the economy goes to shit, I’m selling the house and living at the Super Lux (I actually think this is a viable plan).

Gratitude for distractions. Movies. Blankets. Anything not to have to watch our country disintegrate.

sad-a-tude-a-thon day 998:no more huddled masses, that’s how it starts



My mother’s parents came here from Calabria, Italy. They opened a grocery store in Connecticut. My father’s Jewish parents came here from Russia and Austria. My grandfather worked in the hat industry in New York, and then Connecticut. My husband’s father came here from Vienna, after his father escaped from a concentration camp, a rich lawyer back home, he worked as a janitor once he arrived and became an accountant once he learned the language. My husband’s mother’s family came from England.

We are all immigrants. That’s what this country is made of. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…..” I’m proud of my ancestors. I’m proud to be of immigrant stock.

What are we doing right now? WHAT ARE WE BECOMING?

I’m only happy that my parents are dead, because this would kill them, like it’s killing me.