mad-it-tude-a-thon: Because we should expect more


“He worked very hard,” Trump said of Porter.

“He did a very good job when he was at the White House.”

“He’s also very sad now.”

“He also, as you know, says he’s innocent.”

“He said very strongly yesterday that he’s innocent.”

 “We hope that he will have a wonderful career.”
This is our president’s response to the allegations that Rob Porter, White House Secretary, has been accused of physically and mentally abusing his two ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby. 
There is no mention of the women. There is only “he.” There is no comment on the powerful words each has spoken about Porter, or the terrifying picture of Colbie Holderness with a black eye. There is no “she,” only “he.”
During a pivotal moment in history, when the country-wide #metoo movement is creating a seismic shift in how we view the way men in power can abuse women and get away with it, our president, accused by 16 women of sexual assault himself, will not even speak to the fact that this is a huge problem in this country, let alone that he’s part of it. In a candid Access Hollywood tape, (that, by the way, ended media personality Billy Bush’s career, but not our president’s)  leaked out, Trump says the damning words: Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.23.35 AM.png
And yet, knowing his gross abuses of women, I still expect more. I still expect that the person we vote into the highest political role in the land be more. Why?

Because we should expect more.

We should expect that the president of the United States be someone you’d like your kids to grow up and become. While it seems to me fair, you may disagree with policies of the president, there should be no disagreement over the character of the man. I am continually disappointed/disgusted/want to run through the streets screaming that our political leader is void of respect for women, minorities and not to overstate, but seemingly all of humanity (go ahead and giggle, but has he not played, no pun intended, Russian Roulet with Kim Jung-un?)
Here on Monday morning, I once again remind myself that this man is not who we are. We are better than this. We deserve more. I remind myself not to let this go, to allow this to become acceptable. It is not. It will never be. RESIST.

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