gratitude-a-thon day 421: small bites friday

For those of you freaking out, here’s an information-laden article on ebola from the NYT. I’m not going to Africa anytime soon, but CNN, read this, and chill, wouldja.

My friend took me to  lunch yesterday and I had a big glass of wine and then shopped. And quite by surprise, found an amazing pair of sunglasses that did not make me look like my nose was attached to them, so I bought them. Take that, you silly boot! (And my foot isn’t swollen today, even though it was the most walking I have done, since surgery–yippee!)


If I ever decide to go under the knife (and it’s not on my foot), I’d use this guy. Jeesh!

I am anxious to see Gone Girl, but equally anxious about it not being as good as the book. Dilemna.


Why can’t  republicans be like the Prez on Scandal, concerning gun control? Why, why, why?

I hereby promise that if I ever become super wealthy, I will not fall into this category.

Boston City Hall and color in the same sentence, now that’s something to see. 

Don’t ask me to go out on Shonda-licious Thursday, I will not miss Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder (and, yes, I know I can DVR them).


gratitude-a-thon day 415: small bites friday


It’s that time. Small bites Friday. Some little things I’m grateful for.

Ok, good news, I can stop shaving my chin, standing next to my husband.

Sorry, Kim, but I’m only upset that dude didn’t smack some sense into you.

Guess who gets to wash her foot today?!!!!! It’s the little things, people.

Only four more days until Lena Dunham’s book arrives. For a girl who mostly needs to keep her foot up for another two weeks, this is like she wrote it just for me.


The movie is out. The Times doesn’t like it. I’m still going.

Does the NFL think we’re as intelligent as the stupid game they play?

Round up of the 25 best design blogs. Hey honey, let’s re-do the whole house.0057778756b7c7004f61eef2ac1b846b

I don’t know, I’m not so sure bigger is better.

It’s maze time. I got lost in this one once (talk about no sense of direction).

Want, need, must have. 8565550_fpx.tif

gratitude-a-thon day 395: small bites friday


It’s a no kids weekend. Hoo-fucking-ray!

If the food doesn’t kill you, the carbon monoxide will.

And speaking of pizza, we’re getting #5 in Brookline (where the Fireplace is now–cool, right?

Great dinner last night. In my own backyard! Thanks Joc and Paul (and Brian).

A vacation she’ll never forget. #whydidn’ttyoujustgocamping.

Brookliners: still looking for an awesome pre-school? Highly recommend The Inner Spark. Almost makes me want another kid (almost, like I could physically do that).

Homeland is back. But will it be the same without Brody?

Brad and Angelina got married. And the media didn’t know. Hahaha paparazzi everywhere.

gratitude-a-thon day 370: small bites friday


The Brookline Farmer’s Market has the best flowers. I buy two every week, and although I’m generally not a color person, I love the almost neon bouquets.

The weather for the past week was close to perfect, heck, I’m going to go with totally perfect.

I ate at Fairstead Kitchen last night for the first time. Oh, the beet salad. Ah, the chicken. Great service, plus a wonderful manager and bartender. Ten thumbs up.

Red carpet fashion alert: The emmy’s are on the 25th!

I was really sad about Jake leaving for college, until I saw how he left his room. NOW I’M JUST MAD. #iamamomnotamaid.

V Stiviano says Donald Sterling is gay, and that she was his “beard.” My condolences to the gay community.

Yes, parents are embarrassing. I ought to know.

No, really? cats in hats?  Watermelon hats? 

This sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

A good, comprehensive article on Ferguson.




gratitude-a-thon day 356: small bites friday


The obvious question is, is he going to sell weiners?

Road trip to Rhody with a good friend and our girls today. And it’s sunny!

Ann Coulter continues to prove her complete lack humanity and intelligence.

Jeez, I wish I’d been on this train.   These people did not enjoy this enough.

I have officially heard of everything.

Now when you eat gluten-free is will really be gluten-free. WHA?

Even if I become a celebrity?

Target: September 14: Joseph Altuzarra drops. Who’s gonna take me, I will have just had the bunion decapitated.

My latest obsession. I want them all.

No kidding. It’s like learning a language when you’re young vs. old.  Duh.

gratitude-a-thon day 345: small bites friday


The weather is super spectacular. I want to marry it. That is all.

I am not happy about the Algerian plane crash, but I am happy to know it crashed and didn’t just DISA-FUCKING-PEAR like Malaysia fight MH370 (where is that plane).

I could eat a whole watermelon. This is not a joke. I am like that hotdog guy who always wins the eating contest. Here are some interesting new ways to eat them, as if I needed a new way.

I gotta say that little Prince George is one cute little dude.

Love Michelle Obama. Here she is on working mom’s. I had one of those part time gigs where I thought I was gaming the system, but really, the agency was getting five days of work from me, and paying me for the three I was “officially” working.

I could have told you this about dogs.  #rileypracticallysitsonmyheadwhenipetotherpooches.

Lush eyebrows are so back in. Wish I still had my high school unibrow.

Countdown to bunion decapitation surgery: 49 days.


gratitude-a-thon day 405: small bites friday


Really good website discovery: Medium. Happy reading.

I love a little whimsy.

A seriously great commercial. Ah, graduation always gets me.

One of my students just snagged herself a totally fabulous first job. She thanked me. #yayforjamiegladicouldhelp.

Who doesn’t need a little color for the summer?

Peter asked Jake to trim the hedges–curious if this is what he was thinking?

And you thought I never agreed with Republicans.

In case you know, you want to try out for Cirque du Soleil at some point.

After the prom party decorating weekend marathon starts tomorrow. If you want to help, you can email me at

I love a Lego.