gratitude-a-thon day 345: small bites friday


The weather is super spectacular. I want to marry it. That is all.

I am not happy about the Algerian plane crash, but I am happy to know it crashed and didn’t just DISA-FUCKING-PEAR like Malaysia fight MH370 (where is that plane).

I could eat a whole watermelon. This is not a joke. I am like that hotdog guy who always wins the eating contest. Here are some interesting new ways to eat them, as if I needed a new way.

I gotta say that little Prince George is one cute little dude.

Love Michelle Obama. Here she is on working mom’s. I had one of those part time gigs where I thought I was gaming the system, but really, the agency was getting five days of work from me, and paying me for the three I was “officially” working.

I could have told you this about dogs.  #rileypracticallysitsonmyheadwhenipetotherpooches.

Lush eyebrows are so back in. Wish I still had my high school unibrow.

Countdown to bunion decapitation surgery: 49 days.


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