gratitude-a-thon day 487: small bites friday

Doggone it, so that’s why Golden Retrievers are so awesome (cover your ears, Riley).


The Finale finale of Newsroom this Sunday. I am going to miss this show and Mr. Sorkin’s brilliant writing.

There are some new vegetables for 2015. Rainbow carrots, anyone?


Amidst all the cop rage, take a look at this nice story

Watched The Hundred Foot Journey last night. Can Helen Mirren do no wrong?

Great experience with The Goldsmith at Chestnut Hill. Went in for a new battery and they asked if I’d like my rings cleaned, to which I screamed YES! (I love when they’re all shiny and sparkly, for like two minutes). Anyway, they also asked if I’d like them to check the stones in my anniversary bands, and I thought, why not. And they found like a load of them were loose in both rings (like I could have lost them, loose). Anyway, they said it would take a week to do, but to my surprise, they did it in a day, AND THEY SUPER NICE. (They have jewelry, too, by the way!)

I had lunch this past week at that Season’s 52 Restaurant in Chestnut Hill. Everything is 475 calories! And it was delicious. I am thinking of moving my bed in there and calling it a day.

I have actually gotten my photo Christmas cards and am writing them out (as opposed to last year when I got my photo Christmas cards and let them sit on my desk without ever writing even one out).

For anyone who remotely cares, or is keeping tabs on my foot, IT’S GREAT. Like really good. Yep, I’ll say it, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?

gratitude-a-thon day 482: small bites friday

I am nauseous about the Eric Garner decision. Here’s what Boston was doing last night. The rest of the country was protesting too. Taking it to the streets. And here we go again.


Why is Peter Pan always cast as a girl (and why was she cast as that particular girl, Allison Williams, who I so badly wanted to do well, but just kind of fizzled)? Why did Captain Hook resemble Confucious? Why did Wendy look 52? Just some of the burning questions Peter Pan Live raised last night. Spoiler alert: It was a snooze fest. Unknown

This is what I was expecting Hook to look like. Fierce, right?

This is actually what he did look like. Was the makeup artist at one of the protests last night. I’m telling you, I get a Confucious vibe from this sparse facial hair.

Hey, let’s be clear, nobody will ever do it like Joan Rivers, but I like the choice of Kathy Griffin to commandeer Fashion Police. She is snarky and doesn’t seem to care who she insults, so it should work out just fine.

This year’s Pantone color of the year is Marsala. Count me out.


I hate tattoos, but some of these made my jaw drop. 

Here’s some more interesting data on how powerful meditation is

Worried about climate change? Reconsider that burger.



gratitude-a-thon day 461: small bites friday

Have I ever mentioned how much I love ham?

Seeing Nick Offerman tonight. That’s Ron Swanson to you.

Who says books don’t make money?

Will be in sunny California next week at this time. Fight on.

Would it be bad if I scratched out Mitch McConnell’s eyes (in my dreams)?

And I went to Maui on my honeymoon. Selfish.

Logo perfection, but who knew there even was a National Men Make Dinner Day? 

I have got to get my flu shot, you do too.

Interview with the one, the only Anne Lamott. New book: Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace.

I’ve always been fascinated by twins. Here are some photos of a pair from Iceland that are positively amazing (pretty and spooky at the same time).

Watched this really offbeat documentary the other night. I don’t know about you, but i think real life people are so much more fascinating than anybody you can make up.

gratitude-a-thon day 455: small bites (of Halloween candy) friday

Happy halloween. This is Portobello Road’s pumpkin. It’s not enough that everything in there is heaven, they even have the best pumpkin ever!


Don’t mean to rain on your Halloween parade, but check out these sobering candy calorie stats. Eat carefully.

Middle school girls re-make Ghostbusters trailer, and it’s a hoot. Junior high is much more fun than it used to be.

I was a geisha one year for Halloween. My mom’s friend brought me a kimono from Japan, which inspired this odd choice for a five year old. Anyway, I spiked a 104 fever, and got to go to my grandmother’s for some lame candy bar, before crashing on the couch. #worsthalloweenever.

Don’t forget to check out the multiple Google Doodles today.

Lastly, and un-Halloween, I am terribly sad about the loss of Mayor Tom Menino. He was the heart of Boston.



gratitude-a-thon day 447: small bites friday


In the pouring rain and howling wind, Brookline Girls Varsity Soccer made it to the playoffs yesterday. It hasn’t been done in 25 years. Yup, vientecinco, people. #youkilleditwarriors.

I used to really like the Huffington Post, but with headlines like “Ebola hits Gotham,” I’m not feeling it so much anymore. Come on, Arianna, what are you competing with The Daily News? (Even their headline, “NY Doc Has Ebola.” wasn’t as sensationalist).

Looking for a little Halloween make-up? Here you go. Kinda like the zipper face, myself.

That song is for the birds. No really, it might be.

The holidays are coming. Maybe a condo pony is just the gift you need for that special someone?

Don’t you just hate when you text the wrong person? #oooops.

I used to shoot film only in black and white. I loved the way it spun the world.

The thing about Renee Zellwegger and her “new look” that’s disturbing is, if she has had plastic surgery, why not just fess up? What’s the big deal? She works in an industry where you’re not allowed to age, so it’s basically like updating her skill set to make sure she can keep her job. I mean, right?

Wishing Tom Menino every comfort as he seeks hospice care.

Monica Lewinsky, who couldn’t live on the moon, without someone recognizing her, has come out of the shadows to talk about cyber bullying. I give her credit. She was a kid who fell in love with her boss. We don’t always make the best decisions in our 20’s, do we?

Hey, Barney’s now has a Warehouse on their site. #nowthatsexcitingshoppingnews.

gratitude-a-thon day 431: small bites friday


In five days, my son will be 20. I can hardly remember life without that boy, but tell me, WHERE DID 20 YEARS GO? Seriously, people?

I can’t help but think this new egg freezing benefit has an underlying “work harder, work longer for us, you won’t miss out on the baby thing” current. Am I overthinking it?

After my “potato chips with everything” diet, i am currently in calorie counting mode, but a girl still needs a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for dessert, right?

Donald Trump thinks Obama’s mentally ill. Money can’t buy intelligence, can it?

He’s adorable, I’d pick him, too.

BHS girls varsity soccer play under the lights at B.U. tonight! Go, Ally!

On the bunion front (or foot): I am currently in my sneakers, some boots I already had, and going to physical therapy. Sadly, I must report that it’s hard to walk. It hurts. But I am only in the beginning stages of recovery. I have seven more weeks to go. Patience is everything (arghhhhh).

It’s October. It’s 70 degrees. I’m not complaining.


gratitude-a-thon day 227: small bites friday

Incredibly moved that Malala Yousafzai has won the Nobel Prize. Congratulations to a girl with conviction, heart, and guts. Parade. Who says a 17 year old can’t change the world?

Wow. Just wow.


Is it just the media that’s making me feel like I could get Ebola?

Jan Hooks is dead. Here’s to all the times she made me laugh.

We’re just wired to make art.

Could it be that that the head of Dick’s Sporting Goods, is, well, a dick?

Warning, bragging mom alert. My daughter killed it on the soccer field yesterday.

Goal 2 for Brookline. Or shall I say, the WINNING goal.

There’s a new base. Good to know.

Have you heard the one about the horse who walked into a police station?

In the “something old, something new department.