gratitude-a-thon day 341: getting real online

Sunflowers from the Brookline Farmer’s Market, and a dose of reality, too.

Love people, use things. I thought this article was fascinating. And the part about the persona we create on social media reminded me of something funny that happened the other day.

I had a hilarious experience at the farmer’s market last week. I bumped into a mom/friend who now lives in Australia, but used to live here, and was a parent at our school. We were acquaitances, really, more than friends, but all of a sudden because of Facebook, she found my blog and began reading it and commenting quite frequently. We shared some in box messages about our lives and became better friends than we had been when we’d been in the same location.

But here’s the funny part: When I saw her the other day, I was with my sister and so I said, “Oh Dianne used to live here, but she moved and then we reconnected because she reads my blog.” as a way to sort of say who she was. And Dianne’s response was something like, “I used to think she was a super woman, doing this and that, but then on her blog, I saw she really wasn’t.” Now someone might have taken this as an insult, but I loved it. Because while everyone else is making and talking about creating a totally perfect online portrait that bears no resemblance to their real selves, I am trying to tell you who I am, warts and all. NOT A SUPER WOMAN. A CRAZY NUT!

Anyway, it gave me a giggle. I will have real life coffee with Dianne before she goes back down under. And hopefully she will see me as who I really am in the flesh, too.

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