gratitude-a-thon day 670: so powerful you can write a whole blog about it


It’s a funny thing about gratitude. The more effort you put in to find it, the more of it you can find. It’s like a free-flowing marathon movie. You pick your clip and you’re off. The way I see it is that just having even five minutes to appreciate something you have versus something you don’t have can give your body and mind a break from that feeling of longing, envy, jealousy, STRESS. You’ve spent five minutes thinking about the good fortune of having the thing you’re focused on. Indoor plumbing. A supportive bra for the girls. A refrigerator packed with food. Electricity. Flowers. Books. A computer. A dog. A bed. Leggings that suck in the fat (HALLELUJAH). The list is as long as a letter to Santa from a seven year old.  And it’s always all yours. Anything you have, possess, own, pass by, or see, is up for grabs. Music, brilliant writing, a beautiful shoe in a store window, a sunset, ocean wave, hummingbird, a piece of jewelry, a sublime summer cocktail.

It’s the act of appreciation. It helps clarify what can be yours. It allows perspective a chance to kick up its heels. It eighty sixes  the greedy monster inside that wants, wants, wants, and empowers the “everything I have is all I need” gene.

Gratitude is always right, never bad, or ugly, or spoiled. And it’s always available 24 hours a day, like an all night pharmacy, no matter the situation. There is something, always something for us to look at and think, “Damn, Im lucky.”

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