gratitude-a-thon day 951: YOU can help get out the vote in New Hampshire

As seen in Dover New Hampshire’s Democratic Headquarters.

What are you doing today? Or tomorrow? Or Monday? If you don’t want a mysogynistic, impulsive, predatory, lying, racist narcissist to have possession of the nuclear codes, and be our next commander in chief, PLEASE HEAD TO NEW HAMPSHIRE AND HELP GET OUT THE VOTE FOR HILLARY AND THE GANG. IT’S A TIED RACE THERE, AND YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THAT.

I went to Dover, NH and knocked on doors yesterday, and it was great. Did you know that people are much more likely to get to the polls if someone knocks on their door and talks to them about the election? You could be that someone. Like, seriously, stop watching CNN and get out there. Plus, there is still plenty of great foliage in NH! C’mon, get off the couch!

Mary and I met on the soccer field through our girls many years ago. Who knew we’d one day be tromping through the woods getting out the vote together?
We’re with her. 

There was a dude working in the headquarters who came here from England to help out. When I said to him that it was impressive he’d come from such a distance, he replied, “There’s work to be done.” Love him! One woman who left her husband and job in Brooklyn back in June to work in Dover for Hillary–thanks, Colleen. My friend Mary, who asked me to canvas, has been living on a farm and working the “doors” for the last two weeks. These are amazing people who are walking the walk, and damn, I can’t thank them ALL enough.

The unassuming Democratic headquarters in Dover. Lots of hard working, dedicated people making it happen in there.

So, I know there’s lot of stuff you could do today, but the most important, impactful and seriously best thing you could do is try and tip NH into the Hillary column. If you need a connection, I can hook you up, but literally any headquarters in NH would love to see you today. Let’s get this thing done. #imwithher. THERE’S NOBODY ELSE TO BE WITH.

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