Gratitude-a-thon day 2006: You choose


One of the things this pandemic has been reminding me of is how little control we have over anything. Life is like a three-year-old—so wonderful, amazing, incomprehensibly adorable, and at the same time so impossible, unpredictable, and completely deplorable. There are so many things we have zippity doo daa control over and yet we’re convinced we have the code that will make things go exactly the way we want. (Pardon me while I snort laugh). Hell, it’s soothing to think you have the remote, but the ugly truth is that there’s one thing and one thing only that we can be 100% in control of every single minute of every single day. Which is–drumrolll please–how we respond to our world. That’s the only sure thing. Disappointing isn’t it.

This pandemic paired with the immensity of the upcoming presidential election (Yay, Kamala! I love this historic and super smart pick) has people tense, frustrated and downright scared. Everybody is grabbing for control wherever they can find it. But you know where they can find it. Inside themselves, in their choice of reactions. Hey, I’m just being real with you, here.

Are you like, what are you kidding? You want me to be happy about staying inside, wondering if my kid’s are going to get an education, worried someone I know will die of Covid, terrified Trump will get another four years and America won’t be America anymore? I’m not telling anyone to be happy. That’s entirely up to you. But I am telling you that you can take the pretty, peaceful country road lined with wild flowers, or the superhighway bordered by strip malls and fast food joints to get where you’re going. You choose.

In simpler terms: you decide the way you’re going to process the world and the twists and turns and whack-a-doodle stuff that comes out of nowhere like a tropical rain storm. You are allowed to be in a crap mood all the time because you can’t stand what’s happening, or you can figure out what’s good about it (BECAUSE THERE IS ALMOST ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT EVERYTHING) and go from there. It’s kind of a lot of responsibility to have to choose, and I’m not going to sell you a bill of goods that it’s easy to take a shit sandwich and make it taste good, but are they serving it with potato chips? Are you eating it with good company? I’m just sayin’.Look at the whole picture while you’re down there in that hole of bleakness.

Gratitude goes out to choice. Ours. It is not easy, but we get to choose our attitude from the attitude closet every single day. Yup, your choice.


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