gratitude-a-thon day 482: small bites friday

I am nauseous about the Eric Garner decision. Here’s what Boston was doing last night. The rest of the country was protesting too. Taking it to the streets. And here we go again.


Why is Peter Pan always cast as a girl (and why was she cast as that particular girl, Allison Williams, who I so badly wanted to do well, but just kind of fizzled)? Why did Captain Hook resemble Confucious? Why did Wendy look 52? Just some of the burning questions Peter Pan Live raised last night. Spoiler alert: It was a snooze fest. Unknown

This is what I was expecting Hook to look like. Fierce, right?

This is actually what he did look like. Was the makeup artist at one of the protests last night. I’m telling you, I get a Confucious vibe from this sparse facial hair.

Hey, let’s be clear, nobody will ever do it like Joan Rivers, but I like the choice of Kathy Griffin to commandeer Fashion Police. She is snarky and doesn’t seem to care who she insults, so it should work out just fine.

This year’s Pantone color of the year is Marsala. Count me out.


I hate tattoos, but some of these made my jaw drop. 

Here’s some more interesting data on how powerful meditation is

Worried about climate change? Reconsider that burger.



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